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Now recommending TITLEBOSS
Title Software for Landmen and Attorneys by Landboss Software
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As of 6/13/2011, Code Authority no longer offers or supports Land Manager 2.5.
Instead, we are now recommending TITLEBOSS, an upcoming title application by Landboss Software.
Visit the Solutions page and REGISTER to learn more about TITLEBOSS and what Landboss Software can do for landmen and attorneys.

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Landman Software and Database Application

(no longer available)

Features at a glance:

New 2.5 features:
Added support for a new "Chain of Title report".

Added tracking WI, NRI, and ORRI to the ownership runsheet.

Added WI, NRI, and ORRI report templates.

*Land Manager 2.5 now requires .NET 2.0 and Office 2007 or later.

Manage The Data You Research
Store prospect, tract, lease and ownership data you research in a relational database.

Generate Reports and Forms
Includes commonly used report templates or customize your own using Microsoft Word. Comes with a generic Lease, Cover Letter, Draft, Mineral Ownership Report, and more.

Export Data to Spreadsheets
Export tract ownership "runsheet" research to Microsoft Excel.

Separate Client Data
Data is stored in individual databases for complete security and confidentiality. Each database is assigned to a client who owns the Prospect(s).

Developed and proven over 3 years
Designed with the assistance and guidance of a professional Landman having over 25 years experience. Proven in the field for several years now.

Analyzes data for completeness
Checks users data for accuracy by analyzing tracts for complete mineral, surface, and royalty ownership. Make sure you have an accurate Chain of Title.

Land Manager 2.5
Software Requirements:
  • Windows XP, Media Center, or Vista
  • .NET Framework 2.0 (download here)
  • Microsoft® Office™ 2007 or later required for report output functionality (Excel and Word)

Land Manager 2.0 - 2.4
Software Requirements:
  • Windows XP, Media Center, or Vista
  • .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 (download here) ***NOTE: You MUST install this, even if you already have the .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5 installed. Because Each Framework is "Stand Alone".***
  • Microsoft® Office™ 2003 or later required for report output functionality (Excel and Word)

Land Manager Newsboard:
Land Manager 2.5 is no longer supported!
Land Manager 2.5 is now available!
Land Manager 2.0 is compatible with Vista x64
New release is now available.  Upgrade your application to the latest version (v.2.4) for free!
New Release w/ enhanced Excel reporting is now available
Sample Database available
Land Manager Released FREE to the public

Land Manager is FREE to anyone wishing to download the application and use it commercially.  
  • There are no limitations whatsoever, the application is fully functional.
  • Use the application for commercial purposes. Pass it around to your colleages.
  • Pay only for custom features, special support needs, or customized form and report templates.
  • Supported by the Land Manager user community on this website.

The only requirement to access the fully functional download for Land Manager is registering as a landmansoftware.com user (FREE).


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